Christopher v. Badengoth

Winterthur, Switzerland

39 years old photography enthusiast amateur, professional backgrund is science, I am a chemist, so in my first life I am in the forming bonds business, and in my second life (as a balance) I enjoy the experience of the human existence riddle, which obviously can not be solved, may not be solved, as a software preset, but there is some sort of relief in scratching that old wound, in a nutshell:

…fascinated by real moments and natural beauty.

Also I enjoy getting in contact with any of you experiencing the same passion for street-photography, forming networks, learning from each other, sharing view angles from each other…

„Photography is not about gear, it is about the passion of the moments that will be lost in oblivion, the love for the ones around us with which we share a limited time span…in life there is no rewind…“

Visit us at 500px: https://500px.com/christopherbadengoth

P.S.: this is a non commercial website, it does not have any business purpose, I am not selling anything, just showing my personal pictures I do for free. I am a photography amateur, not earning any money with my photography. I cannot be hired for anything.