…peace of mind…

….heading back from a business trip, heading home to see my loved ones, got always my little Fuji with me, and as we were „united by cancellation“, my train got canceled, I took the opportunity and made some street shots…

….united by cancellation (looking at the screen that says „the train got canceled“)

…united by cancellation…

….others waiting for the departure, the same feelings on their faces, longing to get home…

…finally we could board the delayed train and I captured some portraits of the people around me…

…we got stuck again somewhere in nomans-land, but finally we made it. I was able to capture emotions of concern as well as final relief when we managed to proceed again…

enjoy your easter holidays everyone and dont get stuck in trains/on railwaystations/on the highway, unless you have your camera with you to make some emotional shots….

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