Stroll in Vienna

….took a walk through Vienna today (I am on a business-trip), took my small Fuji with me, took some shots of strangers in the train, and at the main railway station…trying to embarce the shadows, maximum contrast in lights and darkness… some impressions of today:


This guy in the train was inspiring me, he had that thoughtful look on his face, some serious mind…..I tried to catch him against the bright background, only having his glasses and shoulders illuminated…what could he have thought in that moment?


…same with her, my god she was beautiful, the light just caught the edges of her skin, completely embraced by the shadows….made me think of Glen Danzig „She rides“

she rides
Let loose upon the world
She is the night
And my loneliness in bondage
She’s black
And sin runds down her back
She rides
From the daylight in chains

She rides the night

She slides
Down inside your skin
In time
She will make you scream
She’s death
In a ghoul white dress
She rides
In the night of your mind

She rides the night

…I like those symbols…symbolism…Franz v. Stuck and „Die Sünde“…


…this picture I took because of the light structure on the wall, it looks like some drawing of an infernal creature, half dog – half rat, the dark woman in the foreground, with the hard edge shadows, like a long black coat, she is the street wizard summoning her demons via cellphone….you´d better run…


…he was so cool, love his leather jacket and his tight jeans, looks so 80´s, remembers me of „Prince“. He is the railstation guardian – cool guy.


I often try to make street portraits and catch real emotions on peoples faces. The most of them are fear and concerns…walking the streets is feeling the worlds pain. She had beautiful eyes although her face speaks of a lot of concerns…

….I love railway stations, especially those that have a roof lighting, throwing blazing light and pitch black darkness among the people….


…remeber the days where there were no cellphones but books to stare on?


….heading back home and doing the last shot for today…I like the form of her mouth and how the light is reflected on her eyes and teeth…

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